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Airtel Nigeria | The Smartphone Network


The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has mandated the deployment of the Mobile Number Portability Scheme across the Nigerian telecommunications sector. This scheme launches on the 22nd of April, 2013.


The Mobile Number Portability, popularly known as ‘MNP’, is the ability of a cellular mobile service user to change his/her subscription to another cellular network operator, while retaining his/her original directory number (MSISDN), including the Network Dialling Code/Operator Prefix.


In this scheme, GSM customers would only be able to port within GSM operators and CDMA customers would only be able to port within CDMA networks.



Benefits of the MNP Scheme

  • Number Retention - Number is your identity (Social and commercial). Retained when switching networks.
  • All Network option – All networks are available to you to experience.
  • Better overall service delivery in the industry - Telcos will provide better service - coverage, quality, tariff and product range.
  • Cost free porting – No porting charges.


Why should I port to Airtel

In the global scene,

Airtel is the 4th largest Telecom operator in the world.

Airtel has presence in 20 countries across Africa and Asia.

Airtel has 262 million customers.

Airtel has a wide range of product offerings.

Airtel is known for leading innovation, unparalleled services and its position as on the top global brand.

In the Nigerian scene

Airtel Nigeria has the most innovative product suite. New offers are designed with the customer in mind.

Airtel Nigeria is known for its best-in-class network, differentiating service experience and its efforts towards enabling the youths.

Airtel Nigeria has been awarded the best Network in Nigeria and the operator with the best Customer Service team.



How to port to Airtel

Call 191 or 08021500191 today!!!

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