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Our Brand - It's Now


Meet Yaya Touré

Ivory Coast captain, Manchester City midfielder and Airtel Africa brand ambassador.


See how Yaya is living his dream


  • Today is the day you have been waiting for.
  • Break away from the challenges.
  • Run towards your goal and take that shot.
  • Today is what your dreams, preparations and hard work have been all about.
  • There will never be a better moment than today to declare "I belong amongst the greats."


That's Yaya Touré s belief, what's yours?

It's your's now.
Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have a great deal of success on the field; but I know that the strongest performances come only when you commit 100 per cent to the task at hand and display the strength and mettle to give it all.
Its Now is a campaign that is close to my heart as it speaks to the African youth to embrace the opportunities around them to better their lives. I am glad to be working with Airtel to leverage on its Africa footprint. We will be able to inspire more people.


Yaya Touré


We believe in the potential of Africans to create a positive impact in their communities. That's why we're proud to introduce the It's Now campaign – a campaign that sees Airtel working with change-makers such as Yaya Touré in order to transform lives on the continent.

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