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Magic Voice

Magic voice is an innovative IVR product where users can change their original voice into different voices while speaking to their friends on phone.

How to opt in, out & validity days – shortcodes :

OPT IN/OPT OUT to the service can be done through SMS, USSD AND IVR.

  • SMS Mode: Send KEYWORDS ( MV1, MV7 and MV30) to 717 for Daily, weekly and Monthly Subscription respectively.
  • USSD Mode: Dial *717# and follow up with subscription messages to subscribe.
  • IVR Mode: Dial 717 + Mobile number and follow up for the subscription.

(To opt out of the service simply send STOP to 717.

T&Cs:Airtel Terms and conditions apply




Question: What is Magic Voice Service?

Answer: Magic Voice is a fun based service that allows callers to change their voice automatically and lets them speak to their friends in changed voices.

Question: Who Can use Magic Voice Service?

Answer: The Magic Voice service is available to all customers (pre-paid and post-paid) of the operator where the service is live. Once they are subscribed to the service, they will be able to make calls to their friend’s using their changed voice.

Question: Is a special handset required to use Magic Voice?

Answer: No. Magic Voice is handset independent and will work on any mobile phone.

Question:Can users call friends on other networks with changed voice?

Answer: It's is possible to call friends of other operators with changed voice only if the operator opens the call routing (off net calls) to the other operators.

Question: How to use the magic voice?

Answer: Caller dials [717] followed by their Friend’s Number from the mobile and caller selects the voice they would like to continue in. The call is then connected and user can speak to their friends in the changed voice.

Question: How can callers change their voice to other voices while speaking to their friend?

Answer: During the call, the user has to press ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’ to change their voice to other available options.

Question: Can I change back to my normal voice while speaking to my friend?

Answer: Yes! During the call, just press 0. And your friend will hear your normal voice.

Question: How much does the service cost?

Answer:: subscription charges:
  • Daily pack at 10 NGN
  • Weekly pack at 50 NGN
  • Monthly pack at 100 NGN

Note: And call charges for making the call

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