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International Roaming

The convenience of roaming hinges on the fact that various countries in compliance with international GSM standards build mutually compatible networks.

This enables foreign subscribers to connect to and use a foreign network while travelling, i.e. to "roam" in a given country. Since while roaming, you can use your SIM the same way you would at home, you can be reached at your own regular number when you are abroad.

For this to happen, the two countries must sign a unilateral or bilateral roaming agreement. Airtel Nigeria maintains such agreements with over 400 operators in more than 170 countries, ensuring that you remain in touch with families, friends, business associates, and they with you wherever you are.


Service Benefits

You can be reached at any place where we have partner networks.
It's as if you never left: People only need to call your regular number to make contact.
If you want to make a call, you do not need to know how to dial a foreign number from the country you are in. Prompted
by the prefix "+", your handset will automatically search for the international prefix you need.Find out more about




Only subscribers with roaming profile on their line can roam

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