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Airtel Nigeria | The Smartphone Network

Requirement for Acquisition:

Corporate Individual or Individual

  • Completed Customer Relationship Form (Individual).
  • One passport photos (with signature at the back)
  • Valid international passport/ Driver's license/ National ID
  • Utility bill (or Visitation Report)
  • Security Deposit
  • *Email field in the Customer Relationship Form must be completed.
  • *For Corporate Individual, item 3 should be ‘Copy of Corporate ID’
Requirement for Acquisition:

Corporate, SMEs, NON GSM, Public Sector, Service Provider, Mass Classic & E1 Categories

  • Customer Relationship Form (SME/Corporate)
  • 1 Passport of Company Representative
  • Copy of Valid ID of the Company’s Representative
  • Security Deposit
  • Utility Bill (or Visitation Report)
  • Corporate Guarantee (on their letter headed paper)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (A Letter of Request for Public Sector Accounts)
  • Names and Designation of 3 Top Executives of the Company (Names, Phone No. and email of Contact Person should be added to this List)
  • *Public Sector includes: Government, Government Agencies, Embassy’s etc.
  • *MSISDN of Contact Person should be part of the Activated Lines
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