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Airtel Football service


Airtel Football is a 360-degree football offering to Airtel subscribers, the first of its kind that provides a seamless football experience to subscribers across channels and storefronts.

You can access Airtel Football service from any Airtel Mobile Phone by just dialing *244# and select your desired Features/club or dial the below code to directly subscribe for any of your desired club.


Club Code Charge Code Charge
General Football *244*1# N20 daily *244*41# N100 weekly
Manchester United *244*2# N20 daily *244*42# N100 weekly
Arsenal *244*3# N20 daily *244*43# N100 weekly
Chelsea *244*4# N20 daily *244*44# N100 weekly
Liverpool *244*5# N20 daily *244*45# N100 weekly
Barcelona *244*6# N20 daily *244*46# N100 weekly
Real Madrid *244*7# N20 daily *244*47# N100 weekly
Manchester City *244*10# N20 daily *244*10# N100 weekly


Club Activation Keyword To 244 Deactivation Keyword To 244 Charge Activation Keyword To 244 Deactivation Keyword To 244 Charge
General Football  GOAL STOP GOAL N20 daily WKGEN STOP WKGEN N100 weekly
Manchester United MU STOP MU N20 daily WKMANU STOP WKMANU N100 weekly
Arsenal ARS STOP ARS N20 daily WKARS STOP WKARS N100 weekly
Chelsea CHE STOP CHE N20 daily WKCHE STOP WKCHE N100 weekly
Liverpool LIV STOP LIV N20 daily WKLIV STOP WKLIV N100 weekly
Barcelona  FCB STOP FCB N20 daily WKFCB STOP WKFCB N100 weekly
Real Madrid RM STOP RM N20 daily WKRMD STOP WKRMD N100 weekly
Manchester City MANC STOP MANC N20 daily     N100 weekly



Airtel Arsenal Football


Airtel Arsenal Portal is an Airtel and Arsenal co-branded portal for all Arsenal Football club related content. Airtel Arsenal Portal is available to the end users over SMS, USSD and IVR channels for access and content delivery.

Contents offered include news on tournaments, team, players and off-the-field activities. Other information include post-match interviews and content download services such as wallpapers, videos, polytones, Mp3 Tones etc.


Subscription Codes

  Subscription Un-subscription Code Un-subscription Keyword CHARGE
SMS Text AFC to 245 245 STOP AFC N20
USSD 245 *245#   N20
IVR 245 245   N20



Love Basketball? Then don't miss out on all the action! Subscribe now and get direct updates on your phone.

How To Activate: Text BASKETBALL to 38296
How Much Does This Cost: N20/ Week




Get information on tennis news, live scores, fixtures, results an tables from their favourite leagues

N20 NGN/7 days


Answer: You can subscribe to the service by sending the keyword “TENNIS” to the shortcode38296. i.e text TENNIS to 38296

Answer: A subscriber will get a text message (SMS)

Answer: Yes, you will get confirmation SMS for the subscription of service whether it is successfully subscribed or not.


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