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Easy Recharge(ERC)

Airtel introduces Easy Recharge (ERC). This is a service that gives our valued customers the unique opportunity to top up their phones or those of friends and family. ERC is done without a scratch card, is denominationless (flexible) and any value from N50.00 can be purchased. You can also buy your data bundles using ERC.


Benefits to customer


Convenient, no scratching necessary

Available 24 hours

Flexible value recharge (denominationless)

Top up on behalf friends or family members

Convenient purchase of data plans (data bundles) on tabs and smart phones





Easy Recharge is available through the following channels :


Retail Partners nationwide




PoS terminals


Purchasing from retail partners nationwide


  • Approach an ERC vendor/retailer. Point of sale materials like posters & stickers will indicate authorized vendors/retailers in your neighborhood.
  • The vendor/retailer will request for the mobile phone number to be topped up and the value and then initiate the request on your behalf for the line to be recharged.
  • Within seconds the recipient will receive the SMS notification of recharge stating amount of recharge and your current credit balance.


Purchasing from ATMs/PoS terminals

  • Visit an ATM
  • Select 'Recharge'
  • Select 'Airtel'
  • Key in your phone number
  • Selects the recharge denomination or key in your preferred denomination


Purchasing online

  • Visit the Airtel website
  • Go to 'Top-Up' in the menu
  • Select ‘Recharge now’
  • Follow the instructions


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