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Dial A Doctor

This is a One-on-One medical advisory service that connects subscribers with medical practitioners.

Subscribers get to receive first-hand information on signs/symptoms and best practices in terms of managing their health from certified medical practitioners from varying fields of medicine.

The service is currently available at NGN 30 per minute.



Question 1: How do I access Dial-A-Doctor service on my phone?

Answer: To access the service, Dial 67777 and select the kind of medical practitioner preferred.

Question 2: What are the charges for the service?

Answer: The service charges Thirty Naira per minute (NGN 30/min).

Question 3: What fields of medicine does the service cover?

Answer: The service supports Doctors, Psychologists, Love specialists, Family Planning specialists, Pharmacists


Do you prescribe drugs?


No, we only advice and suggest ‘off the counter’ medication like basic medicines e.g. Paracetamol


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