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Airtel Hello Tunes

Airtel Hello Tune is the audible ringing tune that you hear between the time you make a call and the time the call is answered. With the Airtel Hello Tune every call is a rhythm; you can now replace the standard tune with a wide variety of Caller Tunes for your callers to enjoy. The service also allows you to select a personalized tune depending on the person calling, time of day, season, mood etc.


How to SUBSCRIBE for Airtel Hello Tune

You can subscribe to the Airtel Hello Tune via IVR.

To subscribe via IVR:

Call 791 and follow the voice prompt.


To subscribe via SMS:

  • SMS the keyword 'Sub' to 791. You will receive a message containing a password which is to be used to log on to your tone box.
  • Enter your phone number and password in the required field and hit enter on your keyboard to get into the Hello Tune portal.

Once you are on your Hello Tune portal, you can:

  • Purchase tunes
  • View your tune collection
  • Set a tune as default for all callers
  • Assign tunes to specific callers
  • Choose the time you want a particular tone to play
  • Dedicate a tune to your loved ones


Once you subscribe to Hello Tunes, you will be able to purchase any tone of your choice.
Note that each subscription to the Airtel Hello Tune costs N50.


How to buy a tune

You Can buy your choice Airtel Hello Tune via IVR, SMS and USSD


To buy tunes via IVR:

  • Call 791 or dial *791# and follow the voice prompts or flow
  • You will be given a variety of music categories to choose from which includes Nigerian Music, R 'n' B, Hip-hop, Inspirational, Gospel and Islamic tones, Football chants and a lot more. (Each category comes with a number option to press (e.g, for Nigerian Music press 1).
  • When you select your preferred category of music, you will be given a categories of Artist/songs which you can select from
  • once you select any song as your tune, an instruction menu will played/displayed which allows you set tune for all your callers, or for a particular callers or save tune in your library


To buy tunes via SMS:

  • To buy any tune; SMS the Tune Code to 791 e.g. “5549039” to 791
  • To Delete any tune from your tune library, SMS DEL Tune Code to 791 e.g. “DEL 5549039” to 791
  • To Search for more tune: Customer sends FIND Tone Name to 791 e.g. “FIND IGWE” and list of songs in respect to the title IGWE is display for you to select from



You will receive a message immediately on your mobile phone notifying you of this purchase. (Note that each tune costs N50)


How to ASSIGN a tune

Airtel Hello Tune's personalization feature allows you assign specific tunes to different callers via IVR, SMS. Let your friends hear their favourite songs when they Holla at you.

To assign tones via IVR:

  • Call 791 and follow the voice prompts
  • Select the Personal Tone option (2 key on your mobile keyboard)
  • Select the Assign option by selecting 2 on your mobile phone keypad
  • Select 1 on your mobile keypad
  • Enter the mobile number you want to assign a tone to followed by the # key
  • Listen through the tone clips played to select a tone
  • Press * to assign the tune.


To assign tunes via SMS:

  • Type Assign Tune ID mobile number to 791 e.g, to Assign Igwe by D'banj to 08012345678, Text Assign 154
  • You will receive an SMS notifying you that you have assigned a tone to that number

Other features available include:

  • Dedication -You can buy a tune and dedicate it to your friends and family; simply type Dedicate Tune ID Mobile number to 791.
  • Random Play - You can buy as many tunes as you want and set them to play randomly, so that every time your callers try to reach you, they hear a different tone.
  • Period to play - You can also set your tune to be heard at a particular time of the day

You can do all these and so much more!!!

*Note you will need to pay a renewal fee of N100 monthly irrespective of the number of tones you haves in your tones box.

Name Tunes

One of the dynamic features of Hello Tunes is Name Tunes is that it is an amazing service service which plays back your Name to callers.

Name Tune is another FIRST in Nigeria and it is in line with our commitment to continuously delight you with unique and innovative products and services tailored to suit your needs.

There are three genres available for this

  • Generic
  • Naija
  • Calypso


To use, send SMS "NT" to 792.

You will then receive an SMS notification with a list of options and toll-free IVR numbers to listen to samples.


  • The cost for this service is NGN 50 per tune and it comes with a validity of 30days
  • Subscription is NGN 100 Monthly with a validity of 30days as well
Song Name Song Artist KEY WORD to 791
1 Eleko Mayorkun 919
2 Money Timaya ft Flavour 964
3 Bad Gang Ajebutter 245
4 Jukwese Humblesmith Ft Flavour 367
5 Jagaban Ycee Ft Olamide 369
6 Ogene Flavour 157
9 No Forget Adekunle ft. Simi 347
10 Nobody Business Skales 426
11 KOM KOM Yemi Alade ft. Flavour 859
12 KOLEWERK REMIX Koker ft. Olamide 857
13 Pick Up Adekunle Gold PIC
14 FADA FADA Phyno Ft Olamide FAD
15 No Kissing Baby Patoraking Ft Sarkodie KISS
16 ORENTE Adekunle Gold ORE
17 MONEY DEY FIND ME Patoraking Ft Pyhno MON
18 MAMA Kiss Daniel MAM
19 OSINACHI Humble Smith CHI
20 One & Only Korede Bello ONE
21 BAHD BADDO BADDEST Falz Ft Olamide, Davido BAD
22 Standing Ovation Tiwa Savage STND
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